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Non-Chemical Cooling Water Treatment

Welcome to the exciting and previously unknown world of high TDS chemistry. Wesmar is a licensee of Water Conservation Technology International — technology allowing safe operation of all types of evaporative cooling systems without scale, corrosion, bio-fouling, or blowdown.

In use in Southern California since 2003, Wesmar has had systems in operation since early 2006, with outstanding results. This chemistry flat out redefines cooling water treatment as it is known today.

More information regarding this revolutionary technology can be found at www.water-cti.com, or contact us directly. Click here to download our High TDS information form.

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ammonia condenser
This pre-conditioning system, on a 240-ton ammonia condenser in Renton, WA, has been online since February 2006
evaporative condenser
Pre-conditioning system on a 900-ton evaporative condenser in Tumwater, WA.
chiller plantPre-conditioning system on a 1,200-ton chiller plant in Seattle, WA,. Source water quality allows use of a single-tank system in this application.