Wesmar Company, Inc.
Wesmar Products and Services

Service Program

Wesmar Service Program The Wesmar Service Program is designed to ensure effective, efficient sanitation and water treatment with the goal of achieving a high quality product for your customers.

Start-up Services

Your Wesmar representative will provide the necessary training on product usage to ensure a smooth transition. Safety training will be conducted on proper chemical handling and worker protection methods. MSDSs, technical and product data will be provided.

Your Wesmar representative will also work with management to formulate sanitation and water treatment procedures. These procedures will be a continuing reference for employees, and will assist in training new personnel as well.

Regular Services

After start-up, service calls will be made on a regular and ongoing basis. The purpose of the service calls will be to:

  1. Monitor the chemical inventory and labeling
  2. Check chemical usage and solution concentrations
  3. Inspect dispensing equipment
  4. Provide new product and technology solutions
  5. Answer questions as they occur

Other Services

Wesmar can provide full laboratory and technical support. You will have direct access to our chief chemist, Doug Newman. He can answer raw material, regulatory or other questions.

Wesmar's policy is to ship orders for next day delivery. This ensures that you will have an adequate inventory on hand when you need it.

Wesmar provides many products in user disposable/recyclable fiber containers. Empty drums and totes will be picked up and recycled on an as-needed basis.