Meet our Team


  • Daryl Funston

  • Doug Newman

  • Kevin Funston

  • Jeremy Ruck

  • Gabe Flores

Daryl Funston

Title: CEO / President

Daryl has worked for Wesmar since 1971. He has done every conceivable job, from blending chemicals to truck driving to selling. Daryl currently manages the operation of the company, as well as personally servicing a few key accounts.

Doug Newman

Title: Vice President Operations

Doug joined Wesmar in 1976 as the chemist. He holds a B.S. from the University of Washington. He has worked in the research and development of cleaning and sanitizing compounds since joining, as well as overseeing operations.

Kevin Funston

Title: Director of Purchasing / IT

Description: Kevin has been with Wesmar since 2005, and is the Director of Purchasing and IT.  He started packaging chemicals in the manufacturing plant when he was 8 years old, and since graduating university, has worked in various roles in Operations, Sales and Marketing. He is currently focused on Marketing, IT strategy, developing Wesmar University, and his role on the Leadership Team. Kevin has a BA in Business Administration, and has completed courses in Food Safety, FSMA, Microbiology and Food Plant Sanitation with Washington State University and Oregon State University.  He also presents courses for Wesmar on Food Safety, Chemical Safety, and Sanitation.

Jeremy Ruck

Title: Director of Operations

Description: Jeremy has been with Wesmar since 2004 and is the Director of Operations for the Lynnwood and Seattle plants. He also serves as the Chairman of our ISO 9001 board and is the vice president of our safety committee.

Gabriel Flores

Title: Director of Sales and Marketing

Description: Gabe started as Director of Sales and Marketing in 2017, and currently leads our team of area managers. He is a Marine Corps Veteran and retired Peace Officer, has formerly owned and operated a restaurant, with 10 years in Food Operations, and has worked for some of the largest Cleaning and Sanitation companies for over 15 years. Additionally, he has 12 years of Chemical Management Systems with some of the largest manufacturers, providing cleaning and sanitation systems to the food and beverage industry.


  • Dave Osborn

  • Art Escalante

  • Allen Shaw

  • Kevin Graham

  • Cathie Gray

  • Randy Beden

  • Jesus Heredia

  • Jeffrey Brusseau

  • Dennis Casey

  • Dave Swigart

  • Chris Jackson

  • Andy Bishop

Dave Osborn

Dave has worked for Wesmar since 1972. Following his graduation from Washington State University with a degree in Agronomy, Dave did graduate work at the University of Puget Sound in microbiology and biochemistry; then worked as a research biochemist for several years. Having grown up on a dairy farm, Dave is exceptionally well qualified for servicing milk plants, but his expertise reaches into almost every aspect of food processing.

Art Escalante

Title: Area Manager

Allen Shaw

Title: Area Manager

Kevin Graham

Title: Area Manager

Cathie Gray

Title: Area Manager

Randy Beden

Title: Area Manager

Jesus Heredia

Title: Area Manager

Jeffrey Brusseau

Title: Area Manager / Food Safety Tech Support

Description: Jeffrey started as an Area Manager with Wesmar in with a focus on Food Safety Tech Support. Jeffrey has had 20 years of experience in the chemical industry, with 15 of them in food processing. Of those 15 years, has been assisting processors of all sizes in their BRC, SQF and other GFSI schemes. He specializes in problem solving sanitation procedures and solutions, providing ongoing support to QC and QA managers, and training for sanitation staff in food processing environments. He has worked closely with and been invited to train regulatory agencies, auditors, inspectors, plant managers and operations directors in both the US and Canada, and recently completed a 2 year project with Health Canada to bring an emerging technology to Listeria prevention. He is often being recruited to teach Webinars on Listeria, specifically on its prevention and corrective actions in a food plant facility. He has presented numerous educational sessions for industry specialists in the areas of sanitation solutions, Listeria and pathogen prevention/removal.

Dave Osborn

Title: Area Manager

Dave Swigart

Title: Area Manager

Chris Jackson

Title: Area Manager / Dairy, Brewery, Food Plants

Description: Chris started as an Area Manager with Wesmar in 2011. He graduated with a B.A. from Linfield College in 1991 with a BA in Political Science, and has worked in the dairy and food industry since 1990, working and servicing accounts throughout the US. Chris is now based in the Portland area, servicing the State of Oregon and SW Washington. He is skilled in writing sanitation procedures, chemical safety training, GFSI (BRC & SQF) and GMP & H.A.C.C.P. programs. Chris is an active member of multiple organizations, including ODI, MBAA, IFT, OBG and BING.

Andy Bishop

Title: Area Manager / Water and Wastewater Treatment

Customer Service

  • Renalyn Ecalne

  • Kathy McCormick

  • Jennifer Gorski

Renalyn Ecalne

Title: Customer Service / Accounts Receivable

Kathy McCormick

Title: Customer Service / Accounts Receivable

Jennifer Gorski

Title: Customer Service / Accounts Payable