Mini-Bulk Delivery

Save costs, eliminate drums and get peace of mind with efficient inventory.

In addition to our packaged products, Wesmar can deliver via our Mini-Bulk system. Our customized bulk delivery allows you to work with a Wesmar representative to meet your individual needs. We are able to select from multiple tank solutions to adapt to your facility layout and usage requirements. In addition to this, we offer a variety of dispensing options to ensure employee safety and plant efficiency, as well as telemetry systems to notify us and your personnel when product is getting low.

Choose the Right Size Tanks – we don’t size your tank to fit our needs. It’s always about what’s best for you.

Don’t run out of product – with bulk delivery, you can clearly see product levels, and with tank telemetry, alarms let you know when you’re getting low.

Sizes available from 70-7,000 gallons

Seamless Installation – our techs will be there to help install and trouble-shoot when you need it

Literature:  “Custom Bulk Brochure”

bulk tank1
bulk tank